No Solution

July 19, 2004

I’m not entirely sure I should be near a Windows machine on a Monday. I’m looking through all of the Windows servers under my “control”, and realize that they’re parsing way too many files to not be defragmented. And no matter if you’re running FAT or NTFS, the amount of files we’re moving around will completely make a drive look more like wet concrete around a bicycle.

I guess I’m really sick of weird little Windows problems. The Macs get little problems, nothing too strange. It’s either a Quark problem or some network problem with a share off of a …yep, Windows server. Windows isn’t clear on a lot of things, our network guru here is still trying to figure out why we can’t see 2 terabytes out of our newly improved 9tb SAN.

I personally take more stock out of knowing OS X is fairly straight forward, even though it’s basically a GUI on top of Unix. Windows has you to think that it’s just as simple to use, but you still have things that are hidden in Windows, that’s not hidden in MS-DOS. And then you have to go about finding the problems, and then find out that there isn’t a solution.

Windows admins can stand on the highest rooftop and explain why Windows is better, but I’ve been there. Windows is only as good the next service pack. If you’re connecting to something other than something developed from Microsoft, then you’re going to have problems.

Like I said, I’ve been there. Today, using Windows in a corporate environment, is a necessary evil. Not one I’m happy with, but it’s at least giving me a paycheck.