Rage Against the Ronstadt

July 22, 2004

Linda Ronstadt has never held a place in my musical conscious. I think she’s basically over-rated as a singer when compared to many from the same era. So I’m looking at her recent in-concert faux-paux as an outsider.

She basically became one of those people ignore, after an appearance on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno. The guest before her, was Robin Quivers who’s best known as Howard Stern’s sidekick. At the time Robin was pitching her biography and it was (as I remember) a good interview.

So after she finished her song, she sat down and looked a little flustered. Jay asked her how everything was and she launched into Robin Quivers about being disgusting about how they exploit women, and just questioning her. Robin held her ground while Linda looked like an ass.

Immediately when I heard about Linda’s recent issues, I thought “here was someone who questioned someone on something they have the right to say, complaining when people paid, not to hear her opinion (that she has all the right to vocalize), but to hear her sing.”

People love free speech until they hear an opposing viewpoint….but if I’m paying to hear someone sing, I’m really not there to hear their politico viewpoints. If I went to see Country Joe McDonald or Rage Against the Machine, their politics are so strongly intertwined in their music, you know what you’re gonna get ahead of time.

Linda Ronstadt’s audience was there to hear “You’re No Good”, not her opinion. It’s almost like seeing REM and not hearing “Radio Free Europe”. That’s your favorite song in the world, you’ve grown up…with a fist in the air and truly your experience is based on if you hear that song. So instead of “Radio Free Europe”, you get “Electrolite” off of their shitty album “New Adventures In Hi-Fi”. It ruins the experience you paid for. You go for enjoyment and you wind up with a $25 T-Shirt along with the feeling you’ve somehow been had.