How to be a Bad Neighbor in 5.1 Easy Steps.

July 24, 2004

Over the past year or so, when we visit my best friend and his family in Atlanta, we get to play around with their surround sound system. Probably the best gift I’ve received in years, has been the Blue Man Group ‘s “The Complex Rock Tour Live ” DVD that they gave me and we immediately watched on their surround sound system.

So we’d go home and listen to the DVD on our stereo DVD player and while the Blue Man Group rocks, it wasn’t as good as the surround system. So with this in mind, we decided that for Christmas we’d get one big gift: a surround sound system.

So finally after what, 7-8 months, we finally purchases one of the cheapest systems we could find and now we’re experiencing the Blue Man Group in all of their 5.1 surround sound glory. Although we’ve discovered that we’ll probably get dirty looks from blasting our DVDs in their full glory, it’s well worth the wait.

I’m really not a home theatre type of guy, we don’t have a Tivo or a giant TV but listening to a movie just won’t be the same coming from two speakers to the 6 we installed today.