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July 27, 2004

I started going through my little troubleshooting database today to see what I’ve accomplished during my first month in the printing industry. I created a little Filemaker database, similar to the Lotus Approach database we started with at Hutcheson. Basically tracking date, person, problem, solution, and the ever important fixed.

Everyone in the art department knows me by now and I’m in an accessibly area, where they can usually drop by or at least catch me when I’m around the building. So all of these “calls”, anything from a font problem to a full blown down system, get added to the database. Request for new systems and anything else I’m working on, goes in there as well.

So all total, I’m working on an average of around 15 calls/requests each day. Some aren’t fixable that day, I’ve been working on some since day 2 or 3. But this is almost why I like working on computers again: you can see what you’ve done. When I’m working in html, I always had a hard time feeling like I got something done.