buy/sell/trade thoughts

August 1, 2004

I went on a little spending spree this past week, thanks to Erlanger. When you leave them, they give you a check for the amount of the vacation time in your account. So I purchased the following:

17″ Compaq Monitor, used

20gb iPod, refurbished

350 G4 PowerMac, used/not-so-abused

I’m starting to run out of room on my iBook. So I looked around at the cheap little 20gb firewire drives and just decided to get a refurb’ed iPod to use to hold my MP3s and my archives. Aside from having CDs of data on my iPod, it’s nice having a little FM transmitter so I can have all of my CDs in the car and available via a click. It makes the hour, I’m on the road each day, go by much quicker. Oh, and the sound quality is awesome. I’ll probably buy another Firewire dock cable, just so I can use it at work.

The G4 is another story. At work, a few of the guys there told me about this place in Cleveland, TN that had some Mac stuff that they would sell for cheap. So I went up there mainly to get a monitor. The Apple monitors were for a different video system, so I went ahead and purchased a Compaq monitor. While I was there, I noticed they had some graphite G4s there for a really good price. I’ve been researching those exact systems for work and know their eBay price range rather well. So the initial thought was to :

  1. Purchase one or two.

  2. Add memory.

  3. Sell on eBay.

  4. Profit!

So when I returned to the shop on Monday, I only purchased one just to see how much I would need to invest in the system. After playing around with the computer for a couple of days, I’m now thinking about keeping it and just adding a little faster processor. Not one of those screaming Sonnet upgrades, but whatever I can find on eBay. It’s a really good system and I’m now considering selling/trading our iBook. (still has AppleCare until December 2005. 600mhz, 384mb ram, 20gb hard drive, OS 10.3.4)

I do like having a wireless-capable laptop, since I like sitting on the couch, checking email and surfing the web while watching TV. So, I’ll probably buy some cheap laptop just for that purpose.