The Pirate

August 5, 2004

Somehow, everything has been lining up since I started my new job. One of my new friends there was an A&R rep for a couple of drum companies and seems to know almost all the top drummers out there. So when he heard Saliva was coming through our modest town, he arranged for me to meet the band and interview the drummer for Drumblog .

Of course, when I learned this I didn’t realize that he had been on tour with Saliva and they’re literally some of his best friends. So needless to say, we had backstage access.

The band put on a great show and were signing and talking to anyone who came up. We hung out at the back of the pavilion, telling jokes and hearing some road stories that all seem to be what you would expect from a touring rock band.

When we headed back to the bus to do the interview, we watched their new Wayne Isham -directed video that will start appearing on rotation in a couple of weeks. I sat back in the lounge with my friend, the drummer, and Wayne-one of the guitarists just watching South Park and drinking beers. Of course, it’s all so much fun when everyone is doing the voices of the characters.

It was a fun little time getting to see a rock show and was nice to see these guys as people. We got out after the Rock105 DJ’s left and I managed to drive home as a very tired man.