GO Ample Flow

August 19, 2004

There is a company I’m not too happy with currently. Not gonna air the complete dirty laundry list, mainly because of my employer, but the certain computer company (not Apple) has effectively screwed my company on multiple occasions and it’s now in my lap to make sure that the technical side of our problems are correct before we lob this giant flaming ball back to the computer company.

We’ve given this company millions upon millions of dollars, basically we paid the payroll of the printing division. They’ve told us what to buy and now we have computers and racks of computers that do nothing that was initially stated they would do. So, we have paperweights. Big, rare, expensive, state-of-the-fucking-art, paperweights at that.

Sorry, had to just get that out.

We deal with a lot of companies on an almost daily basis: Adobe, Quark, Creo, Apple. They’re all great. They return calls and most of all….get the problem solved. The unnamed company tends to treat phone calls similar to the effects of being poked with a sharp stick.