Dead In The Water

August 24, 2004

Again, this is one of those “sorry for the lack of posting” posts.

Last week, we had a power outage that killed our giant SAN. Our restore process is going slow and I’ve been working long hours helping out the network admin. So my time back in IT is now coming to fruition: long hours & stress. Lots of pressure, because everything we’re restoring is needed ASAP as we’re missing deadlines and losing money every minute we don’t have access to data.

I still like the place, mainly because the people are so nice. I do miss working creatively each day, but I’m now of the theory that a bad day at the new place if better than a good day at Erlanger. Like the people there too, but it’s such a different atmosphere.

On the musical front, I’m involved with a new band that has a lot of potential and is a little different music than what I’m normally associated. We’re a little more bluesy and songwriter-oriented than any band of which I’ve been a member (think old Heart & Melissa Etheredge on that side.). As soon as we get our website straightened out and copyright some music, we’ll get ready to send out some free MP3s to anyone.

So with all of this, we’ve had a busy few weeks and hope that they calm down soon.