August 26, 2004

Being out of the 9 to 5 web design gig, has made me a little more objective about what “web design” should be. I’m removed from conversations about standards, conversations about tableless setups and removed from the constant browser issues on a daily basis.

I’m glad I have a foundation in those processes and it’s something I’m still using with Drumblog. But for the most part, a vast majority of designers really don’t care about web standards. They’ve “grown up” using Quark and Illustrator and are being asked to design websites. So a lot of these people are using Flash, but they’re also exporting from Quark and just doing whatever they can, in order to provide a website that looks like it does on paper.

I’ve never been a huge supporter of using Flash to design a website. So this next statement is bias but IMHO, true. Using Flash to design a website is an easy way out of the issues that true html coders deal with. It also appeals to the marketing wonks who want “flashy” and flaming logos while maximizing profits.

The uphill battle to those of you doing this daily, is getting the message that “standards are better” out there to your marketing/sales folks. Make them believe that it’s cutting edge and unique..basically making it sound like those who don’t use standards are gonna cost your client more money and will deliver an inferior product…The “Oh you don’t wanna use brand x, because they make baby food from leftover dog food”….type of scenario.

So my brothers & sisters in web design, the fight isn’t over. Your real fight isn’t out there, it’s in your office and those offices of your fellow designers.