Variation III

September 1, 2004

I’m going to be very honest for the next few minutes.

While this isn’t a going away, a farewell, or a goodbye, it is a simple statement of priorities.

Friends, I’ve been going down a road for the past two and a half months that has made me completely reevaluate my life and just pulled me away from the Muse that allowed me to write about bullshit little things that I thought were somewhat important from time to time.

When I announced my departure from the world of web design to IT, I said something about getting readjusted to the left-brain thinking that the job required. I work around Creatives all day and still get to stretch out the right side of my brain a little, but throughout these past months, I’ve been so out of writing. My brain is constantly in motion and I really haven’t had something I felt was worth writing about.

Mental exhaustion is a nice term to use. I’m tired, but I can’t really explain how fulfilling this job is. I’d be remiss to say it’s a perfect job, but friends I’m happy. But I digress…

My brain has been working overtime, trying to fix problems and just learn completely foreign computer programs as well as learning how the company works…and just the industry in general.

I’ve had writers block before, but never for this long. A few weeks, yeah. A couple of months, nope…never had it. And honestly, I’m just not the best person to write about his life anymore.

This is about the third variation of this post, I’ve created over the past two weeks. This one is more of “my style”, freeform stream-of-consciousness. Maybe the muse has returned, I really don’t know.

So I’m taking some time off, mainly trying to get Drumblog going again. But also to get “my voice” back. I’ll post here maybe once a week, might just be an update or two, but nothing like we had previously. I’m even thinking of a redesign too….

Like I said, this isn’t a goodbye. Like MacArthur, I shall return.