Three Percent Jedi

September 15, 2004

I’m thinking about switching back to the darkside, per-se. We purchased a little Compaq iPaq to have another computer ’round the house. It was dirt cheap machine, roughly with shipping around $75. But in that package and with the addition of 512mb of memory, it’s now seemingly faster than my G3 600 iBook.

The one thing where PCs win, is when dealing with used machines. I purchased a nice little G4 350 a couple of months ago for $200. A PC of a similar age, would go for under $100. I can get a 6-12 month old refurbished PC for a little over what I paid for the G4.

Not that it’s Apple’s fault they build a high quality system in limited numbers, but the sole examination of cost vs. performance is what Apple has always had to fight against.

So, I really need to start looking at something faster to run Photoshop and my applications, while being fairly cheap. I really don’t see getting a 1st generation G4 from 1999, when I can get a faster Athlon-based system cheaper or even build the system.

The thing that kills me in all of this, is the shear fact that I love using Panther. It’s the most perfect operating system, I’ve ever used. But after spending the week with XP and service pack 2, I’m really having a hard time being in the other 3%. Now with all of this being said, I’m having to *heavily* secure the PC.

AdAware & AVG AntiVirus along with FireFox are running well on that system. My old favorite Morpheus is now loaded with spyware, so I’m using Bearshare. If only the PC programs could be more like Acquisition or XFactor….two very nice OSX-only P2P clients, then I’d be completely happy.