Philosophical Horoscope

September 28, 2004

“Right now you have two equally seductive choices: first, the cozy comforts of your own home, complete with cushy sofa and cozy lighting. On the other hand, there is the open road, which, though it may contain countless perils, could alter your life for the better. Which should you take? If you stay too close to home where everything is safe and sound, you will be happy, but you’ll always wonder. If you take the new path, new growth will result. But you have to let go first.”

This is my horoscope for today and really hit home. I have a 30 minute drive into work and I’ll usually listen to music and really get a lot of my deep thinking together. This was something I thought about today and then I come into work and saw that as my horoscope.

It’s something I’ve been putting a lot of thought into as we’re really seeing this new project (new band) spring from nothing, but it’s also something I’ve been really thinking about in regards to my job change.

When I originally left the I.T. world, it was because I wanted to become a web designer. So I left what I knew and jumped into something very different and at the time was my dream job. This year, when I became very disillusioned with the entire healthcare world, I thought about moving back to I.T. in a completely different industry…leaving what I knew behind. It was a jump I made and while I’ve never regretted leaving Erlanger nor taking this new job, for the first few weeks I was in job purgatory because I hated what I was doing and I was miserable because I didn’t get back on my computer geek feet fast enough.

The band thing is similar.

In 2000, I really gave up on becoming part of a band and inside thought about never playing again. I dove head first into the web design world and put that as my life. This time last year, I started playing music with some old friends and it really got me back on a music track. It recharged my cells. Drumblog came from that and just getting my head together for this new project does stem from the time I spent with Moe Savvy.

So….what happens when the band thing takes off and you have to leave the security of home for something that’s so foreign, and something so few people successfully live…and that at times has more in common with the space program than a normal life? I really don’t know and that’s scarring me. It’s something we’ll eventually have to work through. We’re writing music that could very well be on the radio within a year. We’re recording soon and we’re getting our prospective business shit together.

When you change jobs or careers or lives, you’re changing not only yours, you’re changing those lives of the family around you. It’s the roads in life that you eventually come down: plan a or plan b. Choose one and, like the horoscope says, wonder “what if”. Choose the other and…..