….and I Approve This Message

October 1, 2004

The debates had nothing to do with this post. I watched a grand total of 60 seconds and decided to watch something else. But during the entire day, the subject of politics came up and I’ve been very open about my feelings in the upcoming election.

George Bush inherited a bad hand from President Clinton. The economy was in a false economy thanks to the tech bubble, so no matter who was in office we’d would almost be in the same shape financially as we are now.

The Iraq War….hmm where do I start. Well for one, that’s not really my problem with President Bush. That’s my problem with the administration as a whole. I’ll borrow some thoughts from a friend on this one…basically with Colin Powell, Don Rumsfield, and Dick Cheney in the administration we were gonna fight with someone. Libya, N. Korea, hell maybe even Vietnam again. But we’re in Iraq now, trying to build a country. We gotta finish the job we started, even if those of us at home completely fucking hate having our fine men & women over there and have a higher chance of dying than if they were eating McDonalds for 30 days straight.

The problems I do have with Bush relate back to…well everything else. Healthcare was thrown-up to me yesterday….healthcare is better than it ever has been. Y2K & HIPAA are over with and now Hospitals are dealing with funding problems….it’s a business. Like I’ve said before, we have socialized medicine in place, it’s just not obvious.

Schools are still crap and we know it, Gore or even Kerry won’t change it. But some of the inane things about education under Bush…”no child left behind” for instance, isn’t addressing the real problem.

Rights….that’s where most of my anger over having Bush in office lies. Stem Cell research, it’s good. It could help anyone from Cancer patients to Diabetics like myself. But because of a religious overview, we’re forgoing saving lives. Not to mention all of the other things popping up, like the Patriot Act and secret spy agencies and the like.

So yes, this is my very open disclosure that I’m voting the Kerry/Edwards ticket in November. I’m very Kerry/Edwards 2004firmly into the whole “John Kerry Is A Douche Bag, But I’m Voting For Him Anyway “, movement. And honestly I’m voting more for John Edwards than anything else. Because if Kerry doesn’t screw this up, we’d have Edwards in 4 or 8 years and would probably have one of the best Presidents we’d have in at least 100 years. Of course, if you want my full opinion of Edwards, you can read what I wrote earlier this year{.liinternal}.

Kerry is far from who I would really like in the White House…he makes Al Sharpton look like a good candidate. But….But we’re at the point where there has to be a change or we’ll revert back to a pre-Reagan hellish vision of America.

If you know me in the analog world, you’ll know that voting a Democratic ticket isn’t my usual gig. I’m more for Republicans, but my moderate beliefs have started to clash with the party I’ve supported since I started voting 12 years ago…and whom I’ve supported since the 80’s as a young adult.