My Other Sites

October 3, 2004

I guess I should also explain a couple of the links on the right. Drumblog! is my other blog, it brings me joy and occasional contact with “famous” people (pro musicians, touring bands, etc). M.Kelley Public Works is my dormant consulting/web design company. I’m putting more of my effort, in reguards to MKPW, more along the lines of private-label consulting services for the music industry….mainly as a sub-division of Drumblog. Third Road, as a band, started up in June and I’ve been involved with them since August. I’m very proud of our music and have some big plans for the website…that I’m hoping will also make a nice mini-series in the web development process. We’re getting ready for the studio and after we’re finished, sometime in January or February, that site will start to take shape.

I still working on a couple of transition things that I can’t get together until next week. So the site’s gonna look off on some of the sub sections.