"emotionally involved with the brand"

October 12, 2004

I want my $2.97 back from RageBoy . As I started to look around for ideas on how to market website and just get general ideas for those websites that have yet to see the light of day, “Gonzo Marketing” was mentioned numerous times as a book I really should read and digest….”You’ll love it”, said some of those people.

I purchased the book for the before mentioned closeout Books-A-Million price, a couple of months ago, when I was still in the web business full time and trying to find that gdamn “hook” that would push a website, a large medical website, to be the top of mind in the area. Most of my reading time, until this evening, has been taken up by bands and clients, and yes just keeping the normal sanity of a home-life together.

So when it came time to go home, after working on a Sunday, after I ate a wonderful little dinner, I decided that I was sooooo bored and just not in the right mindset to do anything else, that I should at least pick up the book that had come so highly recommended, but yet had a good price. Chris Locke hits the nail on the head so many times, when it comes to marketing on the web, that really…honestly, everyone who is working in a Marketing job….all you black arts mf-ers, need to pick it up to get a different angle on the crap you’re pushing to the American public.

But, I guess this is why I don’t write anywhere else, the book reads like a weblog. A damn good intellectual weblog, but damn….That’s his style, good writer….but the book pushed me to pay a little more attention to the footnotes and reminded me of how hyperlinks R.O.C.K!

Just kidding Chris, you can keep the $2.97. I’m still going through the book, hyperspeed reader I am, and will probably refer back to it as I go along. Interesting read….