October 15, 2004

I decided to take some time away from the house, to just sit back and read a magazine or two at Books A Million, right up the road from me. So, I’m sitting here, reading through the November “Modern Drummer” and I really started to tune-in the in-store music…..it’s damn Christmas music. Hello????

Ok, we’re about two holidays away from Christmas. Halloween & Thanksgiving come first. Why are we listening to Christmas music, when the store is clearly decorated for fall? I was wearing shorts until last week, now I’m having to listen to “Deck the Halls”? Subliminally, I’m really believing this is to push a new holiday of Hallogivingmas…or Ocktoberfestmas….a holiday that consists of sending reverence of Christmas, Haunaka, Kwanzaa and the Winter Solstice, American Thanksgiving, with Halloween and Samhain there to spice things up.

The true multicultural American holiday, this would become.

Now as we start the inevitable grind to this sort of holiday mindmeld, Marketers will come forward and push the start of the holiday even further from the three month holiday season they’re jonesing for. Eventually, as the new holiday take it’s spot in the top of mind for the consumer, the unofficial holiday start dates will slowly move backwards, like the red menace through Europe, taking over holiday after holiday and assimilating rites and rituals into what will eventually back into one long holiday season…365 days a year of shopping days until the “Goto 10” type of loop will bring dollar after dollar back into the pockets of merchandisers.

Or, we’ll just let Christmas and the shopping season further engulf the little lambs who want to keep buying Christmas ornaments and gifts when it’s still a little warm.