I'm que va a ser enfermo.

November 4, 2004

As I outlined earlier, I voted for the Kerry-Edwards ticket on November 2nd.

We lost. America lost.

I begrudgingly voted for John Kerry, but he was far better of a choice than reelecting George Bush, mainly for the reason of progress. I never thought I’d be sick to my stomach over an election, until 11.3.04 and saw the results.

What I think people vote about, is what’s going on now instead of “what will this do to America for the next few decades”. We’re still dealing with decisions based on Supreme Court appointees from the Reagan era….Sandra Day O’Connor, appointed when I was in 1st grade….7 years old. I’m almost 31 now. The justices that Bush will appoint will be in that power until more than likely, I’m in my 50’s. And that’s the hold we’ve put on us growing as a people.

If you asked me on 11.1, when I though we’d have a female president, I would have said “12 years”…mainly because I thought Kerry had a better chance than what he did. Now I don’t see a female having that opportunity for at least 20 years. Because we’ll deal with Bush for 4 more years, the probably someone like John McCain or John Edwards, then someone else, then after those terms, we’ll see it.

We’ve also drawn a line in the sand on making progress with diseases that currently plague my and every generation: Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Bush’s opposition to stem cell reseearch has pushed us back in making progress in at least trying to slow down the effects of the disease. It’s costing us *billions* and all we’re thinking about is a religious response when actual people need help. Life begets life. One life to save another. This is the foundation of Christianity…John 3:16……but when science is invoked we close that door on people.

The war. Oh the war. It’s not an issue in my decision to vote against President Bush. Do I feel safer because we’re over there? No. Do I feel our homeland is safer, eh, kinda..maybe in an airport. But I think the terrorism issues related to the war have been manipulated to bring about sudden changes to our civil liberties. Patriot Acts, the army using civilian airline data, etc. It’s all been something people have been foaming at the lips to push, and now they’re using the threat of terrorism to make their agenda, law.

Let me state here, that I’d vote for a good moderate Republican candidate. I’d vote for a good moderate politician period, but we’ve seemed to polarize everything into yin/yang, liberal/conservative, black/white, left/right. You’re either for us or against us and that’s the worst attitude to have. Common grounds are fine, but what about us who embrace the best of both sides? Things are naturally supposed to fall in groups of three

I’ve been left disgusted by the whole process. A feeling I’ve never experienced with an election before, even when I was backing Perot in ’92, I didn’t feel like this. But through this, I have another fire for politics. We’ll see what bubbles from that fire….