November 19, 2004

Hey everyone. Hope you all have a good holiday.

Nothing has really been going on around here, that would be of any interest to anyone besides me. We’re starting to look at places in North Georgia, preparing our move in January from our little apartment in Chattanooga. We’re looking for some place closer to my work in Dalton and her work about a minute from our current residence, but we’re also looking for someplace that’s more away from the city. Right now, I’m in Chattanooga enough to eat and sleep. I haven’t been downtown in ages.

There are a lot of realizations that come forward when you look toward the end of a year. See the changes that happened unexpectedly or that we had no clarity of on January 1st. Never though I’d have another job, another band, even trying for a house, trying for that next step in adulthood. All serious things, while trying to find my true self.

Since I’ve started at this new job (wait? I’ve been here since June, but you get the idea), I’ve had a lot of chances to learn more about computers and the business world, on top of discovering how I am and how much I don’t want to hide that from anyone. I was in a stuff environment previously and if I wanted to be an asshole, it was a lot harder to get your opinion out there. But I’ve learned more about just working with people and getting the job done. I’m not married to the job, it’s not perfect, but I get a chance to also learn about the creative design process and also realize, that I’m not that bad of a designer for being self-taught.

Not too sure of the entire reason of this post. Mainly to check in, mainly to just type about what’s going on.