Tired of (web) Moving

November 21, 2004

Bloghosts is closing down, thanks to some f-ing person(s) who got into their database setup. They’ve been the best host I’ve had in the 4.5 years of doing this. I’m now wondering who would be a good host….and no BlogOMania isn’t it.

So if you know of a good host, let me know in the comments below. I need PHP, MySQL, CPanel, Movable Type support, multiple domains, etc. Or if anyone would like to split a reseller package, let me know.

Update 11.29.2004

Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions and even some of the companies who emailed. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Total Choice Hosting , from Elaine and from about 5 emails. TextDrive will be my choice for now, just a test drive, but we’ll see how they work.