Thirty One

December 7, 2004

Today is my 31st birthday and I can say that without a doubt, my 30th year on this planet has been one of the strangest, life-altering, positive years ever. I use to have this thing in my head, that my 22nd year was my favorite…use to say that I felt “22 Eternal”. But I wouldn’t trade anything I learned in my 20’s for what I learned in just the first year of my 30’s.

I’m not sure where a lot of this introspective thinking will take me, I know it’s resulted in a slow down here. Well, that and a flaky host. My 31st year should be just as interesting as the 30th year.

I’m also giving a gift to myself….I’m taking the rest of the month off of the weblog. I need time to regroup and to refocus and see what exactly makes me keep writing online. Plus this will give me time to properly move to my new webhost. So I’ll be back in January. If you need me, I’ll be available via email. mkelley on