Running Up That Hill

December 27, 2004

Siren of pop swoops back

After more than 10 years’ mysterious silence, a new album by Kate Bush is in the works, and, says Richard Wolfson, expectations could hardly be higher.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Kate Bush lately. Stuff I didn’t understand or liked until I was much older. She has a beautiful voice and like the article says, she’s inspired many artists out there today. I’m not so sure, though, if a new album would be appreciated like it was “then”. But fans and music lovers will get the music, just not the masses of people who only buy pop culture and not pieces of work.

Hounds of Love (+6 Bonus Tracks) {.liimagelink}

Think about the wide musical landscape of 1993, when her last album came out. Grunge was around and hip hop too. But it was easier back in the late 80’s to have someone like Kate Bush on MTV, along side Public Enemy. Music has become so business-y, that real music with real lyrics by real musicians has become a novelty.

You don’t hear Kate or even Peter Gabriel on the radio anymore. Tori Amos, rarely even makes a dent on the programming schedule of most radio stations. You get your one hit wonders, the Bowling for Soup type of band, who’ve been working for years to get their stuff out there, and a song that even they don’t like, becomes “their song”…that 3 or 4 minute work that they’ll be known for forever…..screw the albums that have been out for years, that’s your concrete and unfortunately some guy named Vinny is pouring it onto your feet.

Eventually, and hopefully soon, there will be a hunger for actual human music on the radio and on the charts. There will be people who want to keep buying real music and once again, musicians like myself will have a chance for success…