The Geek In Me Likes the Crunchy Middle

January 4, 2005

Apple Ships Xsan Storage Area Network File System

I’m not sure I want to expose this geeky side of me, but Apple announcing their long-awaited Xsan software makes me a little happy. Right now, if you’re in an environment where you’re dependent upon a SAN for your daily work, typically you’re dealing with a solution that rides upon a Windows server. That’s not bad if you’re on a Windows machine, but on a Mac…specifically an OS X, you could be looking at some problems because of file limits imposed in the Windows code-base. Mainly because of Microsoft’s horribly buggy File Services for Macintosh.

Apple has really been releasing some nice software and equipment for the business environment and Xserve and Xsan hopefully will help little Mac geeks like myself get more of these to replace the overly buggy and un-Mac-friendly Windows SANs.