January 15, 2005

This is our busy time of year at work. We’re pushing about 8 giant Epson plotters 24 hours a day, through a couple of RIPs, and killing some of my servers. We thought about this the other day. We’re pushing 400mb tiff files from our workflow setup onto these rips, then the RIP is copying these from a HOT folder to a spool folder, basically transferring 800gb of data through and around one server each day….and we have three servers.

So we’re pushing 3/4ths of a terabyte around on one Windows 2000 server daily and we’re finding issues with uptime, of course. We’re not talking about a weekly reboot, we’re talking about a daily reboot. We’re talking about adding additional servers, ordered overnight, to assist in RIPping these huge ass images. We’re talking about doubling memory and storage overnight, to help make these systems work faster. All while trying to make my desktop users happy.

Needless to say, I’ve been working a lot of late nights and weekends. Thank God, I have Citrix, VNC, & Apple Remote Desktop to help me manage these things remotely…and to allow me some time at home….right as we’re about to move back to Georgia. Although, it’s Saturday and I’ve went into work at 7 a.m.

This post really should have been a “I’m sorry for the lack of posts, this is what’s going on” type of post. So from being side-tracked on RIPs, here’s life as of now:

  • Moving to Georgia…soon. We’re moving about 10 or 15 minutes south of Chattanooga, to Ringgold, Georgia. A nice little townhouse down a country road half way between my work and Niki’s work.
  • The band is minus a guitar player now and we’re looking at a replacement so we can still hit the studio this spring.
  • I’ve been talking to a couple of nice recording studios, real pro places…people who’ve worked with Robert Palmer, Doobie Brothers and a few others. The whole process over the phone is interesting. You can really tell the “pro” joints, because they want to meet with you and play music and hear your music, before they’ll agree to work with you….they’re not just accepting your cash.
  • Mike Bombich is a godsend for Mac Admins, like myself. NetRestore is an awesome tool, that I’m using the hell out of.
  • I’m playing around with OS X 10.4, Tiger. I’m running it on a dual 1.8ghz G5 with 2gb of RAM….a tricked out machine, to say the least. But it’s as slow as hell, making it impossible for me to test our production software.