Blood Turnips

January 20, 2005

1/20/2005 – Workforce Cuts Studied At Hutcheson Medical Center

One report was that over 200 Hutcheson employees were recommended for layoff.

Out of around 1,200 employees, that’s quite a dent. Not to mention the other workflow problems they have, like during my last year there, they reduced the workforce by about 20-50 people. They have been losing money each year, after the departure of some of the former key staff. When my old boss, who’s at Memorial now, was there, this news would have been so throughly hidden or spun, that everyone would have thought that rainbows would have sprouted in Fort Oglethorpe on word of the news.

Right now, they’re even making employees take vacation time or unpaid days off, just to make ends meet. And that right there, should be interesting. You can’t reduce staffing without reducing care. Erlanger tried, and failed miserable in the late 90’s. I’d say that PR would be the first cut, but they already got rid of some people close to retirement, so aside from screwing them over, they’ve reduced that expense. I’m also wondering if they’d lighten the top-heavy administration that’s currently there. It’s hard to manage a health care entity with a bunch of VPs and CI-something-titled people with their own turfs to defend.

I’m worry that health care in my soon-to-be-again home town will be cut to a point where Hutcheson will go back to the “Die County” monicker.