12 Months in 31 Days

January 29, 2005

Has this been the month from hell, or what?

This is our busy time of the year, so I’m working a lot of 10 or 12 hour days, mainly working on plotters and our multiple RIPs…..actually trying to get them from buckling over the massive load we throw at them daily. I seem to have little or no time for anything, luckily I didn’t have to work last Saturday, also known as “Moving Day 2005”, so I got that stuff taken care of. I am, however, working both Saturday and Sunday…*and* fighting off this cold that seems to have touched everyone I know. But enough about work…

We moved a bunch of our extra stuff into one of those cheap storage buildings that we seem to have in droves around here. Not two weeks into our rental of this place, it’s lock was hacked and we became minus two bar stools (roughly $5 a piece). Now over discussions with the owner, he posed the question “I wonder what the market is for cheap bar stools?” In all honesty, the lock was worth more than the stools. Not to mention they passed up a nice tupperware box containing my inherited family china. Kinda like last year, when my old Jeep was broken into, and all they took were cheap sunglasses.

Not all is bad, but it seems that most of my life right now consists of waking up, working, going home, sleeping..with the occasional band rehearsal thrown in. I like my job more and more, and I’m not dealing with regrets from leaving the design field….although, I’m happy when I do have downtime, where I can design a webpage or a logo or something.