February 9, 2005

While originally put on hiatus, because of Apple’s strong-arm approach to quashing rumors, I decided to go ahead and see if I could get this little germ of an idea off the ground.

Applesque , is my attempt of bringing together news about Apple in one easy place. There are dozens of other Apple sites around the web and we just want to throw ourselves into the fray.

Right now, the design is basic and the news is coming in as fast as we can update. We’re going to just throw this out there to the Mac geeks on the web and see what happens.

This is the sister/cousin to Drumblog , our moderately successful little weblog about Drums and Percussion. I’ve learned a lot just doing Drumblog, that I have a couple of ideas on what I’d do differently on sites like Applesque and a couple of sites on the drawing board.

My goal, well in the weblog world anyway, is to have two additional sites up this year. We’re talking targeted weblogs, some entertainment, some informative. This is just so new. Where else, but on the web, can you start a business idea with $0?