One Sin

February 13, 2005

I’m an addict.

I’ve become an addict to something that seems so harmless, but yet, is highly addictive. I’m not sure when this happened, everything was going along so well. But then you get that…well that little thing in your head telling you, “you need this, you want this and it’s programmed into your cellphone”.

I was introduced to it by friends, who mean well, but do not understand just how fcking addictive this new thing is. It seems to be available as commonplace in a lot of medium-sized cities, out there for anyone to partake in, not knowing their future has now been setup to be an addict.

Kids on the street call it, the “big S”. You might know it as sushi.

It starts small. Maybe a bite of a vegetable roll. Then you get drawn into the paraphernalia: wasabi, soy sauce, chop sticks. Then you add everything together. The rice, the wasabi mixed with soy. Then maybe a bite of pickled ginger. It’s part of that downward spiral. Next thing you know, you’re driving around your little country town, thinking “wonder where I can score some sushi?” Then you pull your dealer’s number up on your cell (yes, it really is in my address book). Maybe add some wanton soup, some crispy noodles.

I don’t think I want to stop. Anyways, they don’t make a patch for this.