Jack Thompson

February 21, 2005

I am trying to protect our freedoms. How so? When the next Columbine happens and the perpetrators are proven to be copycatters of adult-rated violent entertainment, then the government, driven by parental concern, really will contract freedom for all Americans. Safety will trump freedom.

{.liimagelink}If the games in question are adult video games, then why do these parents allow their kids to purchase them? The parents are guilty, more than the video game industry. Blocking the creation of these games, Jack, takes away our freedoms. Freedom trumps everything.

Violence happens in the world, it’s nature. But because something might happen, that’s no reason to ban these games. We could use that same argument to block our borders, to prevent a 9-11-esque event that may or may not ever happen on our soil for a long time. When do we stop being afraid and start living? Personal responsibility should trump any lawsuit you’ve been involved with. Parents should be responsible enough to know what video games, websites, music, etc that their kids have. But people like you decide to throw that responsibility onto people who could care less about anything other than the dollar. So instead of trying to close down these businesses, why not talk more about involving parents into their kids’ lives.