San Angeles

February 21, 2005

I’m heading out to San Diego (& possibly L.A.) for a week in March. Do any of you live in either place? Any place you’d recommend to visit or eat while I’m out there? The company is sending me and a coworkers out there for some intense training on this new, awesome web-based on-demand printing applications. So, I left Web Development to get back into IT and now I’m back (in a way) doing Web Development again*, while still doing some IT work.

*Ok. I’m slowly getting back into doing web development. We’re using some talented designers to come up with a look for our stuff, where I then, chop up all of their layouts/blueprints into something that will work for the web. Then we’re also putting a bunch of web apps online, that I might have to do some UI work on. So this time away from the web, has pushed me into a different direction for my eventual return.