February 25, 2005

If you haven’t noticed, I’m starting to post more about music. I’m gonna hold some posts back, while I finish contemplating about splitting those off onto their own weblog. I tried to startup Musicblog{.liinternal} back during my brief time of unemployment in late 2001/early2002, but couldn’t get the domain, nor did I have the patience to build that site up, like I have with Drumblog.

I like the music posts and I only post about artists I like and admire and not just the typical press release that everyone receives….like the “news” of Blink 182 going on hiatus. There are some really good links out there, that I tend to run across in my daily reading, and most than likely they’re about bands or musicians or whatever. I just don’t know right now…..

I’m also looking for a co-blogger for Applesque . While I can post a couple of news bits per-day. I’d really like to have another blogger post and comment on the Apple world. I’m in it every day, I manage Apple desktops and servers, play around with the latest software and push machines to their limits. So, if you’re kinda like that and want to write a little about Apple/Macs/iPods/etc, and want to make a little cash, then let me know.