The (Missing) Week.

March 6, 2005

I’m sitting here, trying to figure out where the week has gone. And 99% of it has been work. I’m also sitting here, going “you’re kidding me, it’s 11pm already”. It’s been a week since my last post and since then, I’d had a lot more work coming up. Long story short, I’m doing my job and half of the job of our (now former) Network/Windows admin. Basically filling-in where I can.

It’s been a long week, lots of projects going on and now trying to take care of the other side, the Windows side, of things. Mainly I’ve stayed away from working for our other companies, and this week, I’ve had to dive into Citrix for the first time in years and try to remember how to do things that aren’t so simple….you know, those things that happen in Windows that seemingly are simple, but aren’t. Yeah, thanks Microsoft.

I’m also having to bone-up on all of these pre-requisites for my upcoming training in San Diego in a week. Plus our new font server is in and our new platesetter arrived and both have to be ready next week. So thankfully we’re just out of our busy season, or otherwise I’d get no sleep.

Posting at all of the sites will be kinda slow, since I’m trying to get a lot of things finished. But I will be back.