On Monday

March 16, 2005

Yeah, it’s Tuesday, but I’m catching up… check my flickr for photos

Ok. I’m in the San Diego area and the first thing that comes to mind as I drive around Del Mar (where I’m staying) and Solana Beach (where I’m training) , is that it’s almost like another planet. The trees are so lush, such a different landscape from where I’ve ever been in the country. Very beautiful place.

While trying to find some places to eat and to drink, we started talking to Chris our bellhop about what to do. And at one point, my traveling companion, said something in a kinda deep southern accent and Chris didn’t quite get it. So we laughed and said something about a southern drawl. He laughed and said he was from Kansas. Then right after that he said that Sunday was kinda a dead time and he was about to go surfing. So, I’ve met my first stereotypical surfer. He looks the part.

This is such a strange environment, not fully into the area yet. I’m still coming off of jetlag, no sleep, and about three beers.