March 18, 2005

Erlanger Medical Center may face a penalty of $40 million or more as the result of a federal investigation of alleged conflicts and relationships with physicians, sources said.

The federal Office of Inspector General has prepared a lawsuit that will be filed soon in Federal Court if Erlanger does not reach a settlement, according to sources.

Erlanger trustees and officers would not face charges as a result of the longrunning probe, it was stated.

Being a former employee of Erlanger and one who had to put a happy PR face on this, at times. Let me tell you, look at that last sentence. Even when I was there, very early in the investigation, we knew that there would be charges against some people and it would have been ugly. Even some of the former people could be up on charges, because most of the issues relate back to previous administrations. And mainly a lot of this has now also put pressure on the other local healthcare systems, since they made the same type of deals….it’s only because Erlanger is a public facility, that this was as public as it’s been.