Thoughts on my return

March 24, 2005

During the entire week, I didn’t have fast food at all. It was a great change, besides it’s like $9 for a McD’s value meal out there, as opposed to $5 here. And we stayed away from chain restaurants..or at-least the one’s we have here. No O’Charlies or Chili’s. I don’t think I’d want to eat at those places anymore, anyway. I also thought about how I didn’t have much sugar either. I ate like a king on this trip.

The San Diego area has become one of those places I’d love to live. Savannah is still high on my list, but I just fell in love with Southern California. Just the scenery around town is beautiful, even the rain wasn’t bad. I honestly can say, that we were treated well by all of the people we met and talked with. Now…however, I If I could only afford to live there. I have no problem renting, just the gas is too damn expensive. With all of that in mind, I’m seriously considering moving out there.

I need to come up with a little guide, that the basis of which, came about on my trip back and dealing with SoCal Kids arriving in Atlanta (more later). The nice woman in the seat next to me, was a fellow southern and we came up with things like:

It’s not “you all”, it’s ya’ll.

When you ask for Tea, it’s gonna be served cold and highly sweetened.

It’s not a “soda” or “pop”, it’s “coke”.

We don’t have Carl Jr’s, they’re all Hardee’s here. (and they both suck)

The south (well 95%) have indoor toilets now. We also have cable TV. And guess what? It’s cheaper and a little better.

I needed this trip. Seriously. I’ve been running hard for about three months now and this helped me get my head together. And damn if I didn’t have fun while I was doing so.

An analysis of the trip:

Miles traveled: Around 4,000

Best Food : YardHouse or Ruth’s Chris.

Main Hangout : Chiefs

Total Beers (Guiness) Consumed : (average) about 2-3 a day.

In-Flight Movie : the Incredibles

In-Flight Annoyance : 3/4ths of coach was taken up by 9/10th Graders going to D.C. Nothing like a plane of spoiled white kids from California to give you a spoiled taste of the state. Luckily I sat beside a southern girl from Virginia and we could make fun and ruin photos for those kids.

Best Series of Questions : (ok as the plane set down in Atlanta, I got up and said something to my friend in front of me and one of those kids had the following questions)

Me: (said something in my kinda southern accent)

Kid: Are you from Texas?

Me: No, I’m from right here….Georgia. I’m not from damn Texas.

After that kids smiled and laughed at this kid, who caused my friend some great pain during this flight.

Better Airport : Atlanta Hartsfield. This is the busiest airport in the world and it took us all of 15 minutes from drop-off to boarding the plane. We got in, went to a kiosk to get our tickets, went through security and then onto a plane. In San Diego, it literally took us an hour from drop off to get to the plane. Security was slow as hell.