Bet on the losing team…

March 25, 2005

Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskell, among others, has contacted YMCA officials about a few potential county locations to consider.

Heiskell said after she heard about Hutcheson Medical Center withdrawing its $1.5 million pledge to a new YMCA facility, she had to rethink her proposed funding for the center to be in Walker.

I have a couple of different relationships to this story. One, is that the Y in question was my first employer and quickly went up through the ranks of the local Y system until I changed to another Y, where I was a director for a few years. The second relationship, is that when I was at Erlanger, I met with the boss of the Metro Y system, who flat out did not want to deal with Erlanger in this type of deal, because Hutcheson was “a sure thing”.

We offered them land, offered funding and what-have-you. But they stuck with HMC, who even then, had funding issues, although they kept those problems quiet until it became too much. So now the Y is stuck without a backer and that’s a shame. They could have got on the Erlanger gravy-train, before their new financial problems. Oh well, their loss.