Geekdoom, or a little blurry post about what I use.

March 30, 2005

I’ve been kinda switching around between IT Geek, Mac Geek, Web Geek, with a little Design Geek thrown in. All involve different parts of the brain and I’ve been trying to narrow down some of the tools I use, so I can comfortably work in my various Geekdoms without switching users or having a dozen apps open at the same time. Plus, my lovely Powerbook died during the trip to San Diego, it’s the built-in ethernet, nothing to bad, but it’s been retired from work, and I want to have something that’s not to bad to setup on new systems or on systems I might use on occasion.

A lot of the applications and tools built in OS X handle a lot of what I use daily. TextEdit handles a lot of my word processing duties and the calculator, Preview, and the terminal all sit on my OS X dock on every Mac I use. They’re built in and get constant use.

I’ve switched to using FireFox on every system I own or personally use. I also make it the default browser on the systems I setup. Safari is nice, I like it. But FireFox has taken over in how useful it is to me now. IE was never this useful. E-Mail, I’m (kinda) sorry to say, is now a platform independent part of my life. I’ve been using Gmail for about 10 months now and it’s what I use. I’ve tried Thunderbird,, and Entourage, I like ’em all. But Gmail is just available to me and works on any system I use. I will, however, say that I use Entourage at work because they don’t make Outlook for OS X.

I’m also using a lot of admin-type software, stuff like Apple Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop for Windows, Onyx. Then I’m using Font Reserve, Photoshop, and Illustrator on the design end. Most of my web work is being done on Nyu or TextEdit. It’s very rare that I use Dreamweaver now, although I’m thinking about setting up a new home system with it, just to start kicking ass again.

My head is swirling now, I’m not sure when I laps into full-on IT Geek, but it’s happened.