Briefs (not boxers)

April 8, 2005

  • Someone asked me about the Test Message that I had on here last night and it’s not that I’m changing servers, but I’m testing out a few different things inside of WordPress for the update to Drumblog! and to a few additional sites I’m working on/envisioning.
  • I feel like I’m running around at a bazillion mph, mainly because I now have both a PC and a Mac on my desk. Two separate keyboards, monitors, and mice, I think I’ve been successful in working both sides of my brain. Luckily the PC is a temporary thing…..maybe. I’m doing my admin stuff on a Mac with my variable data/web coding side on Windows….mainly because the programs are Windows and IE 6.0 only.
  • I’m thinking of selling my iBook, that’s been pretty much reined in as our loaner machine. G3 600mhz, 128mb of ram built in, added a 256mb chip. 20gb Hard Drive. Not a bad machine, has Applecare until December 1, 2005. It’s yours (now on eBay ).
  • I’m also working (in my head) a new design for this site. I’m playing around with Illustrator, trying to come up with something simple and basic, but with a unique style. If you keep hitting refresh, you’ll see one of the banners, I’m thinking about, black with torn paper. While that’s not the finished idea, that’s the path I’m going down. With this design and the upcoming Drumblog design, they’re both gonna have elements created in both Illustrator and my new (semi) favorite web editor, NVU .