New Mayor in Chattanooga

April 13, 2005

Congrats to Ron Littlefield, the new mayor of Chattanooga. While I no longer live in Chattanooga, I’ve always supported Mr. Littlefield as a candidate in whatever race he was in. Even considering both sides played a kinda dirty slanderous campaign, he’s a good person for the job.

While I’m quite aware of a lot of vocal supporters of the other candidate, nothing against them (I actually like Ann, just not as a mayor), but her loss pointed out that a good percentage of Chattanoogans had enough of urban developers as mayors. John Kinsey, “Builder” Bob Corker all had their motives to be mayor. Mainly to push through their version of what Chattanooga should be. Although their ideas have been more Wal-Mart and Downtown-centric, others areas suffered from their targeted visions. What about the old Eastgate Mall? Great redevelopment, but they instead took the focus away from what could have been both a residential, commercial and community place and built a Wal-Mart on a wetland…that so happens is adjacent to property the current mayor owns.

I guess what I saw in my time in Chattanooga, were the eroding areas around Lee Highway. What were nice homes in the 60/70/80’s were making way for nice apartments that are currently turning into slums. It would have been nice to have bikeways from out there, toward downtown. It would have been nice to have had shuttle transportation for the universities out there. But instead all of that focus was in a small area that we’re trying to get tourists to visit, instead of making it a nice place for it’s inhabitants.