Thanks to the Monster

May 1, 2005

Yeah, I’m linking a little burb on my Diabetes Blog to a little blurb over here, but seeing something about how spit from the Gila monster can help Type II Diabetics, like myself, is just….well dammit, just neat.

Byetta is a synthetic version of a protein found in the saliva of the Gila monster that works similarly to the human GLP-1.

In studies, Byetta was given in addition to sulfonylureas, another common diabetes drug called metformin, or a combination of the older treatments.

Adding Byetta triggered about a 1 percent drop in patients’ A1C levels, an important measurement of blood-sugar averages, Orloff said. That’s consistent with blood-sugar lowering caused by other diabetes drugs, he said.

A lot of times, it’s how you manage everything other than blood sugar, but we all keep looking to our A1C’s as a guide. I’m hoping to start kicking my ass again and doing what I can to help my own levels and just seeing a lot of advances in the past two weeks, that I can’t remember the links of now, just made me get a little hope back.