Muslims and Christians

May 4, 2005

The Dalton Islamic Center seeks to build a new mosque on an 11 acre site wedged between two Baptist churches and one Bible church. On Monday night, at a public hearing, members of the Islamic Center listened as their Dalton neighbors rallied together on Monday night to protest the construction.

The Muslims met protest that was both indirect and direct ways. County officials have hinted that construction would be stopped, perhaps because of inadequate sewer systems or height restrictions. One man stood up at the meeting and voiced his fear that the Islamic Center would become a refuge for terrorists. As he sat down, the crowd applauded loudly.

Good article about a proposed mosque going up in Dalton, Georgia adjacent to churches who are opposed to having muslim neighbors that could harbor “terrorists”. David does bring up something interesting, very thought provoking, to the christians who oppose these neighborhood muslims.

Do we forget that Christ, since he lived in the Middle East, looked more like a Muslim than a white American? If we saw Christ for the first time, would we be afraid, since he looks like the terrorists we see on the news?