King of the Impossible

May 5, 2005

I’ve been fighting this for a while, but now I’ve gotta learn. I’ve been telling myself that no matter how much I dislike Flash, it’s something I need to have in my palate of tools for when I work on websites and some of the e-commerce things I’m doing now. Mainly I always though I’d like to take the time to learn a little more on my own, but now I’ve got to do this for work. It’s not a hardship, I’m looking at it almost how I looked at moving to CSS from tables. Originally I didn’t understand CSS but eventually I “got it”….I’m hoping I can do that with Flash.

Now I’m not a complete newbie with Flash, I’ve created a few little test things here or there, but never full on interface work and whatever else the mad scientists at work have in mind.

So the main part of this post is really to ask, “Who’s had experience with Flash and what books would you recommend?”