IE7 Has Tabs, Big Whoop

May 16, 2005

the first comment sums up my opinion to the T.

I’ve been dealing with the same issues with IE for about 5 years….5 years! Two or three versions (5.0, 5.5, 6.0) on Windows and they’re more worried about tabs than properly using the W3C to have sites render properly.


Ok….saw this later.

The CSS and webstandards comments are, well, off the topic of this post. They’ve been heard. Not every post here requires them to be repeated.

I think this is really your customers saying “screw tabs, we want standards”. They needs to be repeated in EVERY post until Microsoft’s IE team does something about these issues. Saying “we have tabs” while not talking about standards and the new IE security holes, just makes the Microsoft blogs a little less trustworthy….more like PR instead of blogging.


IE Blog is, more or less, Microsoft’s attempt at having a “Raging Cow ” type of site. It’s fluffy PR bullshit. I guess I imagine some pale blue- collared shirt wearing techie, writing this thing, trying to wrangle in their opinionated commentators with some completely unhip kinda fatherly white bread condescending attitude.