May 18, 2005

So, I’m looking to update my twenty or so G4 and G5 Macintosh systems to Tiger and my first train of thought was to purchase five of the “Family Packs” and just get everyone up onto the same license. So I emailed my friendly Apple salesdude and found out that the “Family Pack” is only for residential customers. So, I looked at the quote, with special Apple pricing, and it’s gonna cost me double. So I talked to another sales dude, me thinking that it was only Apple Enterprise’s policy and no one else’s. So I’m still looking at it being double.

So this sucks. Bad.

I like Apple’s computers, but limiting and effectively squeezing money out of businesses by not providing a good upgrade path, that’s cost friendly, I’m probably gonna wait on updating to Tiger. Let me also state that if I hear the words “linux” and/or “GIMP”, you have no fucking idea of what you’re talking about, since the GIMP is only one part of the equation. Illustrator, Quark, Freehand and then the clients we need, it’s all about Windows and Macs, the linux systems aren’t even there yet….actually we tried to test Windows systems and they died within three days. But seriously, Linux is no contender when trying to do any serious graphic design production in a working environment.

But I digress.

Eventually, we’ll have to move our systems to 10.4. I like it, I’m running it on my new Powerbook and wouldn’t trade it in. But just the licensing involved makes me want to just not buy another Mac….and this is from someone who’s spent tens of thousands of dollars in the past 6 months on Apple hardware.