Hillsboro Village

May 20, 2005

I have to agree with Lynette , the campus and the community around Belmont was wonderful. I didn’t really have a good college experience, as mine was spread among two colleges and numerous sabbaticals for things like work and having no funds and now no time. But walking around the Belmont campus, made me really kinda regret not standing up against my family and going away to College.

But away from that, the area around there has some great little places to eat and just nice little residences. I’m keeping in the back of my hat for when I finally settle down, the Hillsboro Village section of Nashville will be on that list….along with Savannah and San Diego.

But yeah, it’s a very nice little area that’s tucked away (literally two minutes) from the city and the interstate freeway system, but it harkens back to times I’ve only heard about, nice neighborhoods and friendly people.