Shell Scripting and OS X Help

May 23, 2005

Ok, some of you who read this are *nix geeks who completely understand how to shell script the command line to do everything, including fetch your slippers. I want to find a script that would basically be an incremental backup script.

I want said script to :

1.) Make a folder with the day’s date (ex. 5232005)

2.) CP or ditto the changed files, along with the proper path, to the folder (ex. 5232005/jobs2/jobfolder/text.txt)

3.) After a certain amount of time, the script needs to clear out the oldest folder…possibly after 10 days.

I want to copy these files to one of my raid volumes and from there, use my tape backup system (a wonderful SAIT tape library) to archive those folders. I’m f-ing googling it , but only have a few paths that are of interest.