To My Friend

May 30, 2005

This weekend, one of my oldest and dearest friends got married to the “only woman he’s ever loved” (his quote)….he fell in love with her early in high school and kept in touch with her as he was in college and now as he’s in the military, until they both felt equally and decided to get married….that was a month ago. His assignment was changed to where he’s now going to be up in the pacific northwest and was only going to be in town from Thursday until Monday. Flies out Tuesday for his new assignment and then possibly to Iraq or Afghanistan within the next few weeks.

So after being delayed overnight Thursday at GHW Bush Airport in Houston, he now only had two days until his wedding day on Sunday. Then a day after that with his bride before he ships out.

I guess, it’s one of those greek tragedies where great Ulysses would fall in love and spend the next ten years getting to where he and his love could eternally unite, then only having one beautiful day together before the Gods send brave Ulysses on a never-ending, perilous, and blind task where he’s whisked away from his love for the next decade.

My friend is like a brother to me and it was quite a joy to see him and her completely in love and happier than anyone had ever seen. Being in the military during wartime, you’re always on call but knowing I was getting married to my love and then have to (almost) immediately leave, would be heartbreaking. But you make your time last and cherish those moments, no matter how small, until there will be a time that’s solely yours’….

Best Wishes My Friend.