Numb Arm

June 3, 2005

I had a small stroke earlier today….or at least I almost had one. I’m having to transfer about 6tb over to our new expanded xserve setup when we lost power to the system. I had been working remotely on that system when the screen froze.

Immediately I knew that this wasn’t good.

Ran in, our large power strip was plugged into a small power strip…a consumer one at that, by our former admin. Got the power going into the backup battery system and rebooted the server. We lost a new drive, found our wonderful Applecare kit that has a spare drive, swapped those out and rebooted. Set the replication up again and tested the setup and got to breathe.

The last thing I need is to lose my primary server when it’s half-way complete with the migration from Windows to Macintosh and with data that’s our life’s blood. But we’re ok now, I just need to calm down.