Well, he did it…

June 9, 2005

…They’re going to Intel

One of my main gripes has always been the assumption that’s it’s more expensive to purchase a Mac. At work we thought about this and put together a comporable system. Dual processor, ram and HD space galore. But in the in, the PC was more expensive. And we’re not talking PC’s, we’re talking workstations. So, and IBM or Dell were at least $500 more and the one we hand built with top of the line parts was still $300 more. And we stuck with OS X because the Windows systems couldn’t handle what we were throwing at them.

We’re a Mac shop, it’s what we push to the limits and have few problems with. Everytime we’ve stuck a Windows workstation in the mix, it’s been an issue. Everytime we touch a Windows server, it’s an issue. These issues made us decide to go from Windows to Mac on our main file server. The cost was exponentially better…one server, 12tb of storage for about 25% the cost of our Windows server and old SAN setup that wasn’t as large. Doesn’t matter if it’s SCSI or ATA drives, the speed is still good. Our Windows Guru even said he could tell the difference when he loaded Office2003 off of a PC share on the xserve as opposed to the Windows server.

As far as the Intel move. We’ll still use Macs here and I’ll still use one personally. I’m not afraid of Intel and honestly our first big clue about the partnership should have been when AOpen and Intel introduced a PC that was a replica of a MacMini and Apple didn’t swoop in like with eMachines. I also understand why they partnered with Intel as opposed to AMD: it’s about being on top. Apple picks and chooses their deals and usually it’s with the best of the best. IBM is still a giant, but they couldn’t keep up. So Apple went with another stable giant, Intel. AMD, they’re #2. Apple doesn’t deal with #2’s although it’s ironic they’re a #2.

So although this went through the userbase like wildfire. It’s not gonna be a big impact on anyone other than the programmers. Users won’t notice and they’re picky. It won’t push the cost down and really, why should it?