June 10, 2005

Some of you who know me personally, know that I sometimes have trouble sleeping. I’m not one of those people who can’t get to sleep, but I have trouble staying asleep and have trouble waking up multiple times during slumber. This has been going on for a few months, with one of the few times of actual good slumber has been on my couch.

So about two nights ago I started taking melatonin supplements based off of reading about how people adjust to traveling and dealing with changing sleeping patterns on an almost daily basis…read about someone who was a musician who kept having trouble sleeping while on tour in Europe. And their way to preparing for a tour was take a melatonin capsule to help him fall asleep.

Now, I don’t like popping pills and I have tried a couple of things like not drinking caffeine or eating sweets after 6 or 7. But I decided to try the melatonin to see what would happen.

Ok, so on day one. I took about 600mg of Melatonin, absolute overkill for my situation, but I took it to see what the effects would be. Literally, I fell asleep almost as soon as I hit the pillow. day two I did the same and when I woke up, I started seeing the side effects . For one, it’s taken until about noon and about 20oz of Diet Coke to wake me up. And trust me, I’m very careful about the herbs and medicines I put into my body, since I tend to react to a lot of man-made pharmaceuticals. So no hives no swelling.

I’ve decided to stop using the pills after today, to use it when I’m starting to get back to where I have problems sleeping or when I need to recharge that internal chemistry. I’ll probably keep a running tab here if anything else happens. The grogginess is a little too much for me, I fell well rested but it’s been hard to keep going. Plus when I tend to go between creative and very head-y things (like working with Fuji on a new software project for our platesetters), it’s very very difficult to get my mind up to speed.