June 12, 2005

[I am a bastard. Ask MetaFilter](

I’m kinda similar to our friend “anonymous” here, where I’ve never known my biological father. However, I’ve never been of the mindset of find this donor of genetic goods. But far be it from me, to ever deny the right to post the biological father’s name with the hopes of finding him.

Let me expand on this for a minute…

We can be all p.c. about this and extol the “rights” of the biological father to have his identity hidden for all eternity. But what about the rights of the person looking for someone who’s literally part of their genetic makeup? Everyone has a right to know who their biological parents are, if they choose to pursue that knowledge.

Me? I don’t care who this person is nor do I care if I have step-bro/sis whatever. But if there were ever a time where I wanted to know who this person is, you better bet that I’d use every method possible to track him down. Just because some people feel uncomfortable about posting someone’s name, doesn’t mean the end doesn’t justify the means in this situation.

So I get a little fed up with how some people react toward someone else wanting to track their fucking genetics down. I highly suggest you in opposition go back to arguing about css or computers or politics or whatever it is that makes you feel all warm and snuggley and let those who are trying to find a piece of their being, just continue on their quest without trying to get a thread deleted or blocking their way.